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Graduate Students

Claire Mammoser (PhD 2023)

Research: Our most recent alum, Dr. Mammoser studied conformational flexibility and selectivity in metalloproteins using linear infrared spectroscopy. To gain site-specificity, she incorporated vibrational probes using amber codon suppression and through use of deuterated amino acids. Her research was focused on the study of the blue copper protein plastocyanin and cytochrome P450s.

Goran Tumbic (MS 2021)

Gregory Bukowski (PhD 2020)

Sashary Ramos (PhD 2020)

Ryan Agh (MS 2019)

Rachel Horness (PhD 2018)

Ed Basom (PhD 2017)

Amanda Le Sueur (PhD 2016)

Undergraduate Students

Brynn LeMasters (2022)

Nicholas Garcia (2021)

Yiqi Wang (2021)

Katherine Thibodeau (2020)

Jessica Collins (2019)

Christopher Herodotou (2019)

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